m4_002 release notesΒΆ

m4_002 improves process management under Supervisord. Previously it was necessary to start and stop SFM's supervisord-managed processes using the supervisorctl tool at the command line.

With m4_002, SFM now automatically starts and stops twitterfilter processes when TwitterFilters are created, activated, deactivated, or deleted by an SFM admin user.

A new management command, fetch_tweets_by_id, was also added. Given a list of tweet ids, the command fetches the associated tweets as JSON.

Significant issues and bugfixes

  • #89 - Added management command to fetch tweets by a list of tweet ids.
  • #154 - Enabled supervisord to pick up new twitterfilter conf files and initiate processes correctly.

See the complete list of changes for milestone m4_002 in github.